Music: P. I. Čajkovskij Choreography: Veronika Iblová
Costumes: Josef Jelínek Stage design: Michal Horáček

E.T.A. Hoffman’s The Nutcracker and The Mouse King is a fairy tale full of fantasy. Undoubtedly, it served as a great model for A. Volkov’s ballet libretto, which was made for P. I. Tchaikovsky‘s magnificent and imaginative musical masterpiece. The ballet vividly depicts the events of a magical Christmas night, where Klara wanders with her guardian - the Nutcracker Prince- to his fairy-tale world and back again.
Charming and imaginative choreography was originally created by the legendary ballet master Marius Petipa.

For its musical and dramatic qualities, this ballet faithfully returns to many dance scenes and inseparably belongs to the Christmas holiday’s atmosphere.

"Unfortunate is every child that doesn't experience true fantasy." (L. Carrol)

December 4/11/18 2022

January 8 2023

14:00 • 17:00 (December 4th. 15:00 • 18:00)


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